Chances are greater for the upper respiratory region of our body that comprises of the ear, nose and throat to fall prey to a number of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. There is no doubt that without the proper treatment, these infections can cause irreversible damage to the affected regions. At Vijaya Hospital, the Department of Otorhinolaryngology or ENT offers a comprehensive array of specialized services for all disorders related to the Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck. By providing the best-in-class ENT treatment to patients of all ages, our in-house specialists arrange for highly effective and customized surgical and non-surgical treatment plans. Similarly, they perform an extensive and thorough evaluation of the patient using a unique, evidence-based approach that is sure to deliver optimal results.

Our Doctors

Dr. Nithin Mohan

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Dr. Jayalal D

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Facilities And Procedures Available

  • FESS (Functional endoscopic sinus surgery)
  • Endoscopic and microdebrider assisted polypectomy and other nasal surgery
  • Microscopic ear surgery (mastoidectomy, tympanoplasty and other ear surgeries)
  • Endoscopic tympanoplasty and stapedectomy
  • Thyroid surgeries and other neck surgeries (parotidectomy, submandibular gland surgery)
  • Endoscopic and rigid laryngoscope laryngeal surgery
  • All kind of ENT related trauma surgeries (tracheostomy and fracture reduction)
  • Cosmetic ENT surgery involving rhinoplasty
  • Endoscopic and microscopic assisted foreign body removal
  • Endoscopic CSF and rhinorrhea repair