Despite the fact that many advances are being taken in the Imaging Diagnostics domain in terms of technology, the availability of skilled technicians and radiologists is actually critical. At Vijaya Hospital, our doctors know the significance of accurate disease detection, and therefore, they bring together the best of expertise and equipment to the table to be able to offer the patients with ingenuous and thoroughly reliable healthcare journey they deserve. Radiologists here work in tandem with the consulting doctor to make the most of the imaging insights, relevant observations, and more. The ultramodern Radiology Department of our hospital, cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments focuses mainly in attending to each patient individually and thus, come out with solutions tailored to their needs. Affirmative, our commitment to a happier and healthier world exists in the services our team provides and in the way they provide it.

Our Doctors

Dr. Sharon Rajeev

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Dr. Greeshma

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Our Facilities & Procedures Available

  • 16 Slice Multi Detector Computerized Tomography
    • Abdominal Angiogram
    • CT Angiogram for brain and neck vessels
    • CT Pulmonary Angiogram
    • General CT Imaging of head, neck, thorax, abdomen and musculoskeletal system
    • Whole body CT scan
  • 3D / 4D Ultrasound
  • Color Doppler
    •Carotid Doppler
    •Doppler study for varicose veins
    •Doppler study of scrotum
    •Obstetric Doppler
    •Renal Doppler
    •Upper and lower limb arterial and venous study
  • Digital X-ray
  • Portable X-ray