The Department of Urology delivers care to patients with diseases of the kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra and genitalia with empathy, compassion and competence. The Urology Department is equipped with modern surgical technology, exclusively imported from Germany, including Cystoscopes, Resectoscopes, Semi rigid ureteroscopes, Fiber optic flexible ureteroscopes, Digital flexible ureteroscopes and the Holmium: YAG Laser unit.

The Urology Department is led by Dr. Prem Ramakrishnan who has nearly 20 years of clinical experience having been trained in Mumbai, India and Liverpool, England. His area of specialization is urinary stone disease and he has numerous scientific publications in Peer Reviewed International Journals to his credit as enumerated below.

1) Modified anatrophic nephrolithotomy: A useful treatment option for complete complex staghorn calculi. Prem AR et al, The Canadian Journal of Urology, 2006, 13(5); 3261-3270

2) Holmium laser cystolithotripsy in children: initial experience. Prem AR et al , The Canadian Journal of Urology, 2005, 12(6):2580-86

3) Ureteric calculi in children: Preliminary experience with Holmium laser lithotripsy. S. S. Al-Busaidy & Prem AR , British Journal of Urology, 2004, 93(9):1318-23

4) Pediatric staghorn calculi: The role of ESWL monotherapy. S. S. Al-Busaidy & Prem AR , The Journal of Urology, 2003, 169

5) Pediatric ureteric calculi: Efficacy of primary insitu ESWL. S. S. Al-Busaidy & Prem AR , British Journal of Urology, 1998, 82(1), 90-6

Our Doctors

Dr. Prem Ramakrishnan

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The Specialized Operative Procedures Include:

  • Holmium laser fragmentation of renal stones (RIRS)
  • Holmium laser fragmentation of ureteric stones (URS)
  • Holmium laser fragmentation of bladder stones
  • Monopolar TURP for prostate enlargement
  • Bipolar TURP for prostate enlargement
  • Plasma vaporization for prostate enlargement