Emergency Services

Any emergency situation in your family is not only your priority, but it is ours too. In case of any emergency, we have our own facilities to help you get enhanced medical attention. First, we would call for medical advice with the relevant department, be it a General Physician or other healthcare specialists. They will diagnose and then direct you to get appointment to the proper place for treatment. We treat about countless emergency patients every year, making us one of the finest emergency and trauma care hospitals in Kollam.



We have the best doctors who always make use of state-of-the-art facilities to treat our patients.  Our emergency medicine doctors, nurses and other staff work in a well-co-ordinated manner to proficiently evaluate your present condition and regulate the possible and best next steps. 

Quality is our surety

We believe in quality standards and hence we make sure that quality is never compromised. Since this is a time to consider hygiene as a priority, we help you to stay hygienic by using only germ-free and best products. Our doctors and staff are well-trained to keep you safe and healthy.