Nursing Care

Nurses in Vijaya Hospital perform a vibrant and pivotal role in the care and management of patients and their families. Being one of the largest groups of healthcare professionals, our nurses’ involvement is critical in representing the values and fulfilling the vision as well as mission of our hospital. Our passionate staff of trained and dedicated nurses exhibit professionalism, team work and respect in a dynamic patient care setting by providing round the clock service through comprehensive nursing care for individuals of all ages. Emphasis of our department is on caring rather than on curing as the latter is not always possible and we are certain that nursing encompasses collaborative care, complimenting and co-operating with other departments for the advantage of the patient. Also here we encourages a certain degree of autonomy among nurses, expecting every nurse employed here to participate actively in patient care by planning and implementing appropriate nursing measures as and when needed.

Specialized Services

Accurate assessment of illness
Adequate material resources at all times
Care based on the patient’s needs
Health education to the patient and attendants
Managerial skills as and when required
Maximum comfort and happiness by way of pleasant surroundings
Qualitative and comprehensive care to every patient
Privacy at complete levels