Neurology Department in our hospital delivers care to patients with diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves or muscles integrating concerned care with ultramodern research medical training. Further, the department is equipped with the modern medical technology from life-saving intervention for severe brain trauma to the dexterous management of chronic neurological illnesses. At Vijaya Hospital, we genuinely consider the fact that access to specialised equipment and technology is as vital as having access to a highly-skilled team of doctors, and therefore our advanced medical infrastructure serves as the picture-perfect setting for the exact diagnosis and ongoing treatment of neurological diseases.

The Center for Neurosciences specializes in the acute and long-term management of stroke. Time is Brain this means that the more time that passes between the onset of stroke symptoms and treatment, the more potential to loss of brain function and if a stroke is caught early, our neurological experts can ensure you get right treatment in a timely manner.

We specialise in both non-surgical and surgical treatment of spinal instability caused by degenerative disc disease, spinal nerve root inflammation, slippage of the lumbar vertebrae and other disorders. If surgery is required, we offer services that range from simple decompression to more complex spinal reconstruction.

Our Doctors

Dr. Shibu Eapen

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Our Facilities & Procedures Available

  • 24/7 neuro trauma & critical care
  • Dedicated inpatient care for neurological disorders
  • Dedicated Neuro ICUs
  • Electrophysiological studies
  • Carotid ultrasound
  • Consultation/ management of neurosurgical diseases of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves
  • Sleep Lab
  • Specially designed area at hospital, with nurses trained in Neuro Nursing for neurologically ill patients
  • Stroke Unit
  • Thrombolysis
  • Diagnostic cerebral angiography
  • Outpatient electrophysiological diagnosis including: Nerve conduction studies Somatosensory, visual and auditory evoked potential studies EEG, Video EEG Carotid ultrasound and transcranial doppler
  • Peripheral nerve procedures including Carpal Tunnel release
  • Percutaneous procedures including nerve blocks for pain management
  • Specialty Clinics: Pituitary and neuro-endocrine & Craniofacial